"Your tutoring skills are awesome, your explanations were so clear and helpful!"

Gary K. - NYC 


You won't reach your goal without a good guide.

I've been an LSAT tutor for the past 7+ years, and the tutoring sessions are the perfect environment to develop the skills that you need to do well on the test.


 The Tutor
  • 99th %ile, Ivy League graduate
  • Professional LSAT tutor, I only teach the LSAT
  • 7+ years experience, whatever problem you may have I've already seen it before and explained it to more than one student


 The Tutoring
  • In each session we'll carefully go over actual LSAT questions (ones you got wrong and structurally similar ones) so that you know exactly how to approach them and how to evaluate the answer choices.
  • The tutoring sessions cover what the video lessons for that week introduced and we'll focus on what you had issues with in the pre-session exercise set.  That way you're constantly working on what you need to be working on and are constantly improving.


 The Convenience
  • The intense, one-on-one online tutoring sessions all take place with real-time audio/video via skype and scribblar (a free online interactive whiteboard).
  • Studying ffrom the comfort of your home allows you to work in an environment that is best suited to learning
  • Because there's no travel time to and from class scheduling is much more flexible, we can work whenever it's most optimal for you.  Likewise, the amount of time you save in commuting is time that you can use to study, and that's actually where most of the improvement occurs.   
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