"Your materials are by far the best that I've seen!  And focusing on my problem areas really kept me moving forward!"

Vera S. - MI 


You won't get anywhere if you don't use the proper resources.  

I have over 25 hours of comprehensive, easy-to-follow animated videos that are designed to teach you exactly what you need to know before we have the actual one-on-one tutoring session.  And in addition to the videos I have exercise sets that I have you do prior to the sessions so that I test for your weaknesses and tailor the tutoring session accordingly.  The videos give you the base knowledge to more effectively learn in the tutoring sessions, and focusing the tutoring on your weakness means that you're constantly improving.  (click here to get access to my videos)



  • Each video takes a particular concept or question type and dissects it in detail, explaining everything clearly and presenting all the necessary steps.  Each video also uses multiple actual LSAT questions to present the different variations that appear on the test.
  • After watching the videos I have all my students do an exercise set that covers what they just watched.  The exercise set has a sample of the different variations of the questions/concepts that they just watched.  Once you do the exercise set and I see what you got right and wrong I know what to emphasize in the tutoring session.  That way we're constantly focused on improving your weak areas.


  • The videos are designed for my full-length class and fit perfectly with the tutoring sessions.  The videos are divided into 16 lessons that start with conditional reasoning and finish with the reading comprehension questions.
  • Each lesson is further sub-divided into sections that cover particular concepts or question types for ease of navigation.
  • I assign the videos for a particular lesson prior to the tutoring session where we cover those concepts so that you have a good foundation, and the pre-session exercise sets let me know which variations you're weak at and which you're strong at, so that we know what to focus on in class.


  • The videos are all online and available whenever you're ready to study.
  • Each video is professionally animated (no video screencaps) so that it's always perfectly clear what's going on.
  • Having 25 hours of animated videos is like having 25 hours of class, only you can pause and rewind whenever you feel the need to do so.

With the extensive pre-session resources you'll come to each tutoring session with a solid foundation to make the classes more effective and having isolated your weak areas means that we'll constantly be working on what you need to do to improve.

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